EU Citizenship – How will it affect your right to live in UK?

We at Residency Invest are all shocked and saddened at the outcome of the recent EU Referendum. How will this affect immigration? How will this affect EU citizens working, living or studying in the UK? At this time it is difficult to say exactly, so in this article we look at a few likely options.

It is likely to take a minimum 3 years before difficult negotiations on the UK’s exit from the EU are complete and therefore 3 years (in our opinion it is likely to take much longer) until we understand how this will affect immigration, in particular the rights of EU Citizens living in UK, and UK citizens living in EU countries.

There are currently 2.1 Million EU Citizens living in the UK, and currently 1.2 Million British living in other EU counties. It would be political suicide to force the British expats back to the UK, and it is highly unlikely EU citizens who have lived in UK will have to leave.

Almost all of the top campaigners from both Vote Leave and Vote Remain have publicly stated that they would Guarantee the future of EU Citizens living in UK, as well as UK citizens living in other EU countries.

Andrea Leadsom of the Vote Leave campaign, who is currently in the race to become the new Prime Minister said “I commit to guaranteeing rights of EU friends who have already come here to live and work. We must give them certainty, there is no way they will be bargaining chips in our negotiations.” Almost all other MPs currently in the race to be elected Prime Minister have echoed this statement.

So what are the likely outcomes of negotiations, and how will they affect EU Citizens?

  1. Single trade market – Freedom of Movement of EU citizens

This is still an entirely plausible option


Travelling to UK as an EU Citizen after Brexit

It is almost inconceivable to believe that UK citizens will require a visa to travel to EU countries, and likewise that EU Citizens will require a visa to travel to the UK. Britain’s objective of negotiating the best possible trade deal will likely require visa-free travel at an absolute minimum.

With the race for Tory leadership currently in prog

Many clients who apply for EU Citizenship through the Cyprus or Malta route do so with the objective of having access to the UK, whether it is just for visa-free travel to UK, to live in the UK or to send their children to school in the UK.


With many clients currently applying for EU Citizenship through Cyprus or Malta,